January 24, 2011

the ultimate purpose of life

sorry i've been mia.

lots going on.

my girl jessica and i started a drapery workroom. today was day one. it's so awesome.

call me if you need custom drapes/bedding/soft furnishings/monogramming. we gotcha covered. our other girl, miss hilda, she's our sewing goddess and can make it all and is dying to get those machines running. jessica and i are dying to watch her in action and learn from her.

tim's singing in the shower right now and it's making me laugh out loud. he makes up songs, they aren't anything that plays on the radio. he's so funny.

speaking of tim, we watched the english patient this weekend, it was like the best stayathome date ever. highly recommend it.

i have some great stuff from dallas to show you, but i'm about to make some tea and hit the sack. tomorrow i'll fill you in.

but. for now. to end this monday night. watch this. it makes you think. there's a lot more going on on this earth than pillows, chairs, draperies, rugs and house plans.


Whitney Lee said...

Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

Alcira Molina-Ali said...


So excited about the new drapery workroom -- looking forward to dreaming up things for you to make me ;)
The English Patient is grand -- the musice, Fiennes, Binoche, that hot Indian's turban -- love it much.
Great video, there's nothing like keeping it real in this world.
Let's try and get together again soon.
Cheers, Alcira


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