February 25, 2011

I Heart NZ

Headed here tonight. Family, wedding, beach, summer, New Zealand, it's going to be wonderful. I'll be back in a week!

February 22, 2011

Say a Little Prayer...

Christchurch Cathedral

...for pretty Christchurch.

Tim went to university in Christchurch and we lived here before moving to Houston. I have a special place in my heart for this garden city. We have friends and family there dealing with this tragedy...please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

I think this is St. Lukes on Kilmore Street

February 17, 2011

Dream House

Did y'all happen to see my dream house featured over at La Dolce Vita the other day? Thanks Paloma, that was so much fun!

I'm still dreaming about it. Especially those kitchens. Inspiration is free people!! ;)

Hot Stuff.

Are you ready for something yummy? Check out my new friend Leslie's pad up in Dallas. It was just featured in this month's FDLuxe. Her shop is a treasure chest, I don't even want to blog about it because it's such a good source! She's got insane taste and is the sweetest thing out. We missed each other here in Houston yesterday because I've been so crazy busy, but I'm counting the days till I can hop up to the big D again to hang and talk furniture with her!
How chic is Leslie? And her designer pal Breck Woolsey. I love it all!

Ballet pink AND a clam shell chair. Darling.

Obsessed with those Milo Baughman dining chairs. And that lacquered linen console.

It's so pretty and feminine and chic. I love it all! Leslie, so glad I got to virtually tour your great house and I can't wait to hopefully see it in person soon! xx
February 14, 2011

Out with the old, In with the...Old.

Remember my dumpster chairs? They have moved homes this week. I grew up moving. I know what it's like. Change is good, people can adapt to change well, better than you think. You learn and grow when you experience change. Which is why I'm not going to get all hung up and emotional about letting these chairs go, although Sally said I looked like I was about to cry right after the lady said, "I'll take 'em." I honestly didn't expect anyone to buy them. But I'm glad someone else was as fond of them as I was. Furniture likes change too, I'm sure these dumpster chairs are so sick of me bloggin' about them. Anyway, moral of the story, a lovely lawyer is getting some pretty cool new office chairs, and some super cool lucite nesting tables to go in between.

So, after this weekend I have some big holes in my living room. Sure enough, not even 24 hrs after our sale ended, my girl Sally was hittin' the shops again. She sent me pics of these. I nabbed em up. I'm thinking purple. Or chartreuse plaid. Or something wild. Let the fun begin, again!


Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday to shop at Urban Market! It was so much fun and I loved meeting other bloggers, designers, blog readers and making new friends! Can you believe this is my only (bad) photo from the whole thing? I had my good camera sitting in the front seat of my car the whole time. I don't even have photos my zebra ottoman, dumpster chairs, Amanda Talley pillows or pineapple lamps in that photo? All amazing things that sold...and went to great homes. I'll work on coaxing Sally and Annsley to do it again in May...a whole weekend of this, packing up, delivering, setting up, selling, packing up, coming home, is exhausting! Thanks again friends! Bisous, M
February 10, 2011


Mark your calendars! This Saturday afternoon and ALL DAY Sunday is the Houston Urban Market. On Sunday it's $5 to get in, it will be 68 degrees and sunny. We're all craving that weather around these parts! It will be a lovely day to peruse around and shop for furniture/accessories/art and nab some of the best pimento cheese the south has to offer!
I'm sharing a booth with two of the most stylish ladies in this town! Sally Wheat and Annsley Popov are my booth buddies and we have some really fabulous things from python pillows to New Orleans artist Amanda Talley's new fabrics made into pillows and stretched into wall art!! I also have antlers up the wazzu and some insane Madeline Weinrib-esque rugs, oh AND will be selling my candles, big and small! Come early because things sell fast. Can't wait to see y'all!
February 9, 2011

2011... What to Watch Out For

Susan over at Love Where You Live invited me to contribute to her blog series about designers predictions of what is 'in' for 2011! You can check it out here.

Here are my thoughts in a nut shell ......

. simple drapes

. no more shiny counter tops - HONE people! Concrete is COOL.

. layer your rugs

. simplify your paint schedule, make it all tonal, none of this each room is an entirely different color that doesn't even flow from one room to the next business.

. get over scaled lighting

. ethnic up your fabrics

Thanks for having me Susan!

February 8, 2011

Hi There.

Oh Hi There!

I've been a little tied up lately. I've been finishing projects, working in the middle of projects and just starting some fun projects. And making draperies. Well, facilitating the making of draperies. And getting all my things together for a booth at Urban Market. And going to amazing jewelry trunk show with friends. And watching every Jane Austin movie known to man. And scoring great pairs of Giuesspe Zanotti's at DSW...finds of the century. That's what's been happening. What have you been up to? These pictures make me smile...
February 1, 2011


Go ahead Anthro with ya bad self! Loving all this Ikat. A little trend that looks like is here to stay. I like it, a lot. I have some great colorful Ikat pillows coming in from Bali for Urban Market. They aren't expensive, and have down fills instead of gross poly ones. I love an easy 'pick me up' in a room by throwing on a few new and different pillows on your sofa. And I love all this color. Have courage people, use color in your house!


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