February 14, 2011


Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday to shop at Urban Market! It was so much fun and I loved meeting other bloggers, designers, blog readers and making new friends! Can you believe this is my only (bad) photo from the whole thing? I had my good camera sitting in the front seat of my car the whole time. I don't even have photos my zebra ottoman, dumpster chairs, Amanda Talley pillows or pineapple lamps in that photo? All amazing things that sold...and went to great homes. I'll work on coaxing Sally and Annsley to do it again in May...a whole weekend of this, packing up, delivering, setting up, selling, packing up, coming home, is exhausting! Thanks again friends! Bisous, M


Sara said...

Glad I got some more yummy candles!! Loved those antlers!! Can't wait to see what you replace those chairs with!

Meg said...

I"ll be showing you tomorrow! Already got some new ones ;) Am I crazy or what? Now..onto finding a fabric! Glad you like the candles, xxx

arre said...

so glad it was a success! i thought of you! xx

p.s. if the center hanging rug didn't sell coule you shoot its deets my way?! ;)

p.p.s i STILL need to order one of your candles. i can't believe i keep letting that slide. hope they're in stock...

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