February 8, 2011

Hi There.

Oh Hi There!

I've been a little tied up lately. I've been finishing projects, working in the middle of projects and just starting some fun projects. And making draperies. Well, facilitating the making of draperies. And getting all my things together for a booth at Urban Market. And going to amazing jewelry trunk show with friends. And watching every Jane Austin movie known to man. And scoring great pairs of Giuesspe Zanotti's at DSW...finds of the century. That's what's been happening. What have you been up to? These pictures make me smile...


AgathaMChrsitie said...

If you're hooked on Jane Austen, go immediately to the PBS website and watch Downton Abbey, streaming online until 2/22 for free. Four addictive, fantastic episodes, 80 min each. THEN watch Gosford Park, streaming on Netflix.

So good. The second season of Downton Abbey is in production now, I think.

rocksmystyle.com said...

I'm obsessed with that first picture i cant remember if i saw it in lonny mag or rue but its amazing!!! I posted it on my blog awhile back too it's so cozy.
Have you been to Boxwood Interiors on Dunlavy and Richmond? Obsessed with that place.


Ps-Thanks for the trunk show shout out (i think that was about my show lol)


Julie said...

In love with the baby portrait in the first photo - he's a little hunk.

And who doesn't love a wood floor with white walls? Drooling over here.

Meg said...

Thanks ladies!

Lorena! I'm doing a separate post on the show : )

x M

Barbara@HausDesign said...

Gorgeous, unique images! I love the coffee table in the first and the chairs in the second - wow! Great post.

JWC said...

The curved banquette is perfect. Love the nailhead trim.


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