March 28, 2011

Round Top - Marburger

I'm Round-Topping and Marburgering for the next two days! Busy busy...I'll be back with some photos of purchases! Miss Court and I already shopped till we dropped on Saturday and, as a result, there is a Uhaul reservation in La Grange, TX for Wednesday afternoon with my name on it.
March 25, 2011

Black & White

I've been so drawn to black and white stripes lately.
How great is this sofa? I'm trying to convince a client of mine to get it for her bedroom. It's 1850's and has the best scale, the back is 45''h and it's only 50''wide! So unusual. I love it.

I've been lusting after this for two years. I think this spring is my time to finally get it!

Those bolster cushions are fun! Are y'all working on your yards, decks, porches and patios right now?

Showhouse Showdown - HGTV

I just applied to be on HGTV. Am I crazy or what? I don't even HAVE a TV, how can I expect to be ON TV? I've never even really watched anything on HGTV, I'm more of a Bravo kinda girl. My friend Mo (Mo is my friend that if I had a 'guest blogger', she would be it, she's always discovering the best stuff!) in Denver thought it was a great idea for me to apply, so I did to humor her! Anyway, the premise of the show is this:

"Based on the Irish format by the same name, Showhouse Showdown is a competition between two professional interior designers who take over two newly-built and identical homes or town homes with identical budgets to create a winning interior design. At the end of each episode one designer is voted the winner by members of the public who represent the developer’s target market. "

Sounds fun right? Maybe I should try to down load some of these Irish versions and see what they're doing up in the UK! I just hope they give out a reasonable budget and not like, 'see what you can do to a 3 story town house with $5,000'. Basically nothing. I can deal with some DIY, but you know I'm not really a total DIY person. I believe in supporting and hiring the right skilled people to help you create things along the way. But having said that, I can definitely thrift and scrounge and mix some high and low and make some cheap stuff look expensive. If I got selected, I would probably push the boundaries and limits and take some risks since it's for fun and I'd make full use of this opportunity to inspire others to step out of their beige walled box. People tend to over think design and take it too seriously.

So who knows what will happen. I have no expectations, it was just a fun little exercise and a good way to waste a few hours this morning! And I also started to fantasize about having my own hair stylist. Like Rachel Zoe. That wouldn't be too bad. Tim said, "If you get it do WE get to be on Letterman?". Notice that pronoun. I mean, really Tim? Letterman? We are obviously very out of the TV loop. Would y'all laugh at me if I was on TV? I'd laugh at myself for sure, I would have a hard time keeping a straight face! Do you think they'd let me take an international shopping trip to furnish the town home? Maybe that could be one of my requests, only if we get to shop a Marrakesh market could I possibly design this town home! Kinda like this guy. Maybe HGTV could make a show for me doing what Keith does. That I could handle. Anyway, I'll keep you posted, I need to actually start doing some work today. ;) Have a fun weekend y'all!
March 24, 2011


I need some rest and relaxation this weekend. We only have one plan, Tim is taking me to pick out a bike for my birthday present! I'm so excited to get a big basket on it and to be able to cruise around my neighborhood! Now that Revival opened up two days ago on Heights Blvd, I'll be cruising there morning and night for flat whites, organic meats, locally farmed eggs/milk/dairy, produce grown right here in Texas and homemade breads! Yes, you read that correctly. FLAT WHITES. I am so so so excited to see a flat white offered on a cafe menu for the first time ever outside of NZ and Australia! Whohooo! I am just so excited about this little market, you have no idea! Our neighborhood was in dire need of something like this (actually, all neighborhoods are in dire need of places like this) and I know it will be a huge hit. I am consciously making an effort to practice a more European style lifestyle. You know, only picking up a few necessary fresh ingredients for dinner each night, and nothing more and nothing processed! Sustainable. Local. Organic. Bye bye Kroger and HEB. Yay for Revival! And rest and relaxation. And bikes. Who wants to meet me for a flat white in the morning? I tested the coffee today and it was superb!

My latest little mission is that I want to get an outdoor concrete table made for our deck, and I want a huge succulent garden to be on the center of the table. I just picked up 8 of these chairs in the sky blue that will go around the table.

March 23, 2011

Color Blocking

I just drove all over town to find this dress in a size too big. Yes, I am having a TARGET dress altered. To be fair, it is Thakoon for Target. But still, a little insane. I had to. I LOVE it. I know. I'm crazy. And a time waster. But I'm so into color blocking right now. And when I saw this, it made my heart beat faster. I know there was a 'gasp' when I sold my dumpster chairs. But I'm now changing things up in my house and doing more layers of blocked color. Solid chairs, solid sofa, solid drapes, bolder color. I'm going for it and I'm encouraging clients to do the same! What are you into these days?
March 21, 2011

MatchMaker MatchMaker

Wanna hear a good love story? Of course you do!

Back in the early 90's two little cajun girls became best buddies in Mrs. Allain's Third Grade Class at Our Lady of Fatima Elementary School in Lafayette, Louisiana. These two buddies remained very close friends throughout different cities, countries, high schools and colleges...they can always pick up right where they left off. To this day they have early morning phone calls on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

That's me! Mary LeSueur. That's my buddy, Courtney! When Tim and I went traveling around the world, we stopped in the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. We met a very cute, funny, outgoing Australian boy named Justin. This particular wild, hilarious Aussie told us his dream in life was to move to Texas, marry a southern belle and vote republican for the rest of his life! (You can read about our trip here, we met Justin in the jungle bar watching the game!) We became immediate friends with this chap and let him in on a little secret, that we happened to know his future wife.

Fast forward exactly one year later. Justin came to the US for a holiday and made a stop to visit us in Houston. After a lot of pressure from her friend, Courtney took a leap of faith and flew into Houston on a Wednesday night from Nola to meet this boy on a blind date. This photo was taken about 2 hours after they met, we knew they had hit it off. When Justin first went to the bathroom at dinner we got to ask Courtney what she thought, she said she couldn't understand a word Justin was saying, but she thought he was really cute. When Courtney ran off to the ladies (we drank a lot of bubbles and wine that night) we asked Justin what he was thinking. He said that she was gorgeous but he hadn't a clue on earth what she was talking about. Those accents have had us laughing ever since.

Fast forward about 15 months after that first date. Justin flew in to New Orleans (he made it after a few being he was in Japan during the earthquake) surprised Courtney and proposed!! Justin had organized for her family and close friends to all be at Galatoires when they walked in for a celebratory drink! Surprise!! We celebrated all night, it was such a fun, special occasion.

Justin, in that deep Aussie accent, toasted the entire restaurant to his beautiful fiance!

Tim calls this match we made, our greatest achievement! We love them so much and could not be happier for them! Congrats Courtney & Justin! I hope we remain best buddies with y'all until we're all in nursing homes together :) Who would have thought as two 8 year old little girls playing on the play ground that we would both marry boys from down under....

March 20, 2011

Rock My Style

Remember the other day (like 6 wks ago now) I said that I had attended a jewelry trunk show? Well, let me tell you a little bit about this jewelery ARTIST. Meet Miss Lorena Azizeh, the Bolivian-Palestinian beauty behind Rock My Style. Each one-of-a-kind piece is like wearing a little masterpiece on your finger and around your neck. Check out this big honking ring I got! You can read about her here and here.

March 14, 2011

Feast Your Eyes

on this goodness.

I had an impromptu trip to NOLA this past weekend. So many good stories to share. Let me catch my breath..again! In the mean time, can we talk about that pair of book cases, peacock blue sofa and those striped floors?
March 9, 2011

Checking In

Hi Friends.

I'm back. It was a whirlwind trip. I'm tired. We really celebrated a lot. And lived up kiwi summertime. Now I have a gazillion 'to-do's'. And really hardly did a thing yesterday, (it was my birthday so I'm allowed a little break right?) I ate too many cupcakes and Tim took me to a show, it was fun fun. Miss Mendi dropped off dinner and a very nice bottle of NZ sav. Now, back to the grind. Travel is so good for the heart and soul, I'm missing New Zealand, Tim's family and dear friends so much already. I always have a hard time adjusting back to life after an international voyage. Bear with me as I get back on my feet, upload some photos, cross off those 'to-do's' and get back in the swing of things...


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