May 31, 2011

Line Your Drawers

Not your 'drawls'. But your drawers. Y'all know about 'drawls' right? Down south underpants are often called 'drawers' and with a Cajun accent like my father's, they sound like 'drawls'. My mom always tells this hilarious story about how after her lingerie shower before her wedding, my Dad had to ask where she had gotten all of those 'ventilated drawls' from!!

Anyway. Lets get back on track. I've been wanting to upholster inside of the drawers of my chests for the longest time. To me, that is like the ultimate luxury, to have soft clean padded interiors of my drawers. But I have put it off, and put it off. So today I got antsy and measured all of the insides of all of my drawers and ordered pretty (scent-free) paper to line them with. Available at Chic Shelf Paper here.

I ordered the charcoal stripe for the drawers of my entry piece. Yes, I'm keepin it real showing you what a mess it is around here! Those mint julep cups are out to remind myself to take them to get monogrammed!

Then I ordered the beige damask for my bedroom chests. I have two of these, they aren't an exact pair, both French antique Louis Phillipe chests on either side of our bed. I obviously didn't style this, you can see how many magazines I'm behind on! My bedroom is just about finished, and I'll leave that big reveal for later because in a few weeks our house is being photographed for a national magazine! Very exciting and I'll update you more on that later!

This is a very simple way you can customize your furniture!

May 26, 2011

Day in the Life

Here's my life for the past few months as seen on my iphone camera.

Miss Lucy. My parents evil evil cat.

Dec. Center - love Pierre Frey.

Bouchon in Vegas. So. Gorgeous.

Those floors.

Great portrait I wanted to buy at the Chelsea Flea in NYC. Couldn't figure out how to get it home easily. And it was raining that day.

Awesome exhibition of textile designer Sonia Delaunay at the Cooper-Hewitt in NYC. Also saw the Van Cleef exhibition, out of this world. HIGHLY recommended if you're in the city anytime soon.

One of Sonia's designs.

Gorgeous monogram at my monogramer's place.

The finest bracelet I've ever seen. My mom, Miss Mendi, and I drooled over this and other estate jewelry for like an hour. I would wear it every single day. So would she.

This total fun 1950's kitchy bench seen at Round Top. I loved it. It was a little pricey at $500 for my front porch though.

Antique tile from Chateau Domingue I'm using in a kitchen as a backsplash.

We're a Chevron family. Loved this sign.

That's all. Have a really fun Memorial Day weekend! We're grilling burgers with my family tonight, then off to Austin to hang out with our Chilean friends before they move back to Chile tomorrow. Then we're 'floating the river' on Sunday. Totally relaxing Monday. Looking forward to it!
May 24, 2011

The Most Unpractical Bathroom Ever

But probably The Most Fabulous.
May 23, 2011

The Simple Life

Everything moves so fast. I hardly can keep up. I just realized I never shared some of our trip to New Zealand with you (we were there in March). We stayed for a few days up in the Coromandel before Tim's brother got married in the wine country of Napier. Highly highly recommended. The Coromandel is where the locals vacation in NZ. The normal tourists are no where to be found. We stayed up at this amazing hotel about 10 minutes from the coast in the mountains. This little cottage was along the drive. How sweet is it? Check out the garden. Makes you want to live this simple life doesn't it?

And to top it off, this view is 15 minutes down the road!

God Save the Queen

Love this. Would be so cute in a little girls room. One sassy little girl! Buy your queen rug here. Could be worth something once Miss Kate's queen!

Lacquered Kitchen Cabinets

I LOVE this kitchen. I want to rip out my laminate kitchen cabinets that some fool installed in 1993 and put these bad boys in. I love the juxtaposition of the modern kitchen in my 100+ yr old house. Nice huh?
May 19, 2011

Coolidge's Latest


So fun! Blair and I had lunch at Jenni's Noodle House the other day, and this is what greated us as we walked in side!

Neon is Hot

There is the cutest girl that goes to Define, and a few weeks ago I saw her Neon Pink Sports bra and had to enquire about where she found such a great 80's throwback. Tarjay. Yep. Then when I went to Arizona with all my ladies my friend Molly had the same one. Somehow I missed the memo that Neon is back and it's super cool.

Beach Colors

Urban Market wore me out! I'm still recovering! For those of you locally, thank you so much for coming by and supporting me! This week, my new assistant Blair and I are on an organizational war path! I was so behind the last couple of months with traveling, so it feels great to get my feet grounded and get everything in order. We have some big installations and photo shoots starting next week that go all the way through the end of June! Right now, these beaches, colors and cocktails are looking very appealing. Are you ready for summer? Going anywhere fun?

May 11, 2011

Listen Up!

I'm still trailing behind....sorry y'all! Next week when my new assistant starts hopefully I'll be able to breathe again. I'm so excited because I just need the help so badly!

a really giant picture of me and Tim in my grandparents back yard

Anyway, we ended up going to Shreveport to see my grandparents for Mothers Day, and just had the best time. It was all naps and eating. Lots of eating - Pound Cake. I just about ate a whole pound cake by myself. So.Good. Grandmother deviated from her normal recipe and tried out the Peace Meals recipe, highly recommended. We also listened to birds. Here is where I really need to tell you about my grandparents and how awesome they are. They are so young and cool. Grandmother is always home making, home baking, home remedying something, and it's always better than you can buy anywhere. Also she has been known to be the instigator of mixing up Bloody's (as in Mary's) early in the morning when at our camp. Yep, not the granddaughters in their 20's, but Grandmother getting her drink on. She fishes better with a little somethin' to sip on anyway. GrandTex is 80 going on 18 and wears sneakers that are look cooler than what any college kid wears. He can build a house with his bare hands. And he's absolutely hilarious. All of our friends adore him.

drinks at Thanksgiving - my sister Kate and Godmother Katie are pretty big instigators too

Ok. Back to listening to the birds. GrandTex has a had a little trouble hearing lately, and he had been missing his classic one liners cause he couldn't hear much of the conversation. Well, hearing aids are expensive and he didn't want to fork over thousands just to lose them when he was mowing the grass or climbing on the roof. Or for them to stick out of his ears and make him look like any old grandfather who can't hear. I don't blame him, they seemed lame.

my Dad and GrandTex cooking something with a Roux at our camp

THEN...two days before we got to town, Tim found these really cool, inexpensive, rock star hearing aids on Amazon and ordered them straight to Grandmother & GrandTex's house. Those aids are invisible, you can't see them at all. GrandTex could suddenly hear EVERYTHING and told us to stop talking about him...winkwink. AND best of all, he could start hearing all of those birds off his back porch chirp again. We were all so happy for him and so thankful for Tim for researching and ordering them, talk about improving your quality of life. Grandmother had us laughing because she told GrandTex now she's only ever going to repeat things twice, and that's it, if he misses it, he misses it. Bless her heart! I just had to pass on this information for anyone who might be in a similar situation as this. I told a client of mine about our weekend today and about how excited we were for GrandTex and she asked me to send her the information so she could order them for her Dad. So. Moral of the story. Everyone had a great Mothers Day because GrandTex could hear us! Buy your hearing aids here!!!

terrible iphone photo glare

Ok if you are not in the market for hearing aids and just read through all of this rambling, but think you might be in the market for some very cool botanicals..keep reading. Of course I can't go anywhere without popping into some little shop somewhere. And Shreveport was no exception. Mom and I skipped over to an antique shop and I picked up these great botanicals for a client. I love how they are horizontal, you hardly ever find them 'landscape'. This set is sold to a client, but the dealer mentioned she had four more in Tennessee, so I had her Fed Ex them to me just in time for Urban Market this weekend! If I was on the ball I'd have tons of 'sneak peeks' for you, but I'm not, so this is the only sneak peek you're going to get! Come see the rest of my goodies this weekend at Urban Market! OH..and big news, I will have my new candle, "Printemps" and it will be at UM too (+ it's 20% more candle for the same price now!). "Printemps" is: orange blossom, pink grapefruit and jasmine. I'm sharing my booth with Sally Wheat and Courtney Barton (Courtney has some fabulous block printed baby/child's blankets that are to die for!). Please come say hey!!
May 4, 2011

Behind on Life.

I had a fun time in Vegas with Jessica! It was my first time to Vegas, so I was a little overwhelmed. We learned a lot about making draperies, selling draperies, and met a lot of gung-ho drapery making ladies. They nearly fell out when we told them we didn't actually do our own sewing, next year I think we need to bring our seamstress Miss Hilda so we have some street cred! We had a fun dinner with these two lovely ladies Megan & Erika. Blogging hall-of-famers. They are so hilarious, I had a great time seeing Erika again, and meeting Megan in 'real life'. They were on a panel at the KBIS show which we attended too. Moral of the panel: blogging helps your business, and stay true to your voice when blogging. Thanks girls, it was a blast!
Ok, then I went to Arizona and laid by the pool with these girls (minus 2 not in this pic) for three days. We had dinner at Trader Vics which is always so fun and brings me back to my days in highschool in Singapore, we used to go there for happy hour all the time. We went to Nordstroms 'Last Chance', it's a total crazy place for crazy people. The girls talked me out of getting this bag. Hum...still thinking about it! We pulled an all nighter watching the Royal Wedding, and we killed a Costco size bottle of Grey Goose in the first day. Do you know how big those are? Mixed with Grapefruit juice, it disappears so fast. Yikes. But we laughed until we cried. It was good for my soul (not my waistline)!
Now I'm back to the grind and very very behind. Yesterday I spent most of my day placing orders for furniture. For one project, I ordered a pale blue linen English arm sofa coupled with a peacock blue velvet Chesterfield sofa. Going in the same living room. The colors remind me of this Charleston house above!

My pal Leslie from Again and Again has this vintage Chesterfield that has the most perfect scale. We're using it as a model to customize our Chesterfield.

Better get back to it...


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