May 19, 2011

Neon is Hot

There is the cutest girl that goes to Define, and a few weeks ago I saw her Neon Pink Sports bra and had to enquire about where she found such a great 80's throwback. Tarjay. Yep. Then when I went to Arizona with all my ladies my friend Molly had the same one. Somehow I missed the memo that Neon is back and it's super cool.


arre said...

girl, i know. i can't get enough. i have said sports bra in pink and orange. and i even wear them when i'm not working out (which is more often than not). and have you seen j.crew's neon slub v-neck tees? i have that in (neon) pink, too. AND that last image with the {!!!neon pink!!!} coffee table SLAYS me. it was on ascot friday and i think my (that exact same shade of) gray library HAS to have one like it. happy weekend!


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