July 28, 2011

Cutest Summertime Hostess Gift

Next bbq you're invited to..bring this instead of that boring bottle of wine. Such a cute idea.
July 27, 2011

I love the South

This is one reason why. Houses that look like this. These type of houses start to make me day dream about the inside... potentially looking like this.... not too shabby!
July 25, 2011

I want to paint a room PINK

And not a nursery or little girls room. A room you wouldn't normally think, Pink!

July 18, 2011

Most Beautiful Blankets!

I adore these! I want about three of them piled in my guest room for people to curl up with. They make me smile! These are from England, but my friend Courtney has been bringing some over from India too!

Decorating with Baskets

I think these walls look fabulous, talk about achieving a cool look in an easy way! I've bought these flat baskets at El Paso Imports before.

I've really been wanting to get some of these African baskets and have been stalking them online, unable to decide which ones to get. Forget plastic laundry baskets from now on! These are perfect for collecting laundry, toys, towels etc.

Baskets from: here, here and here.


I'm so addicted to this color right now. I was roaming through one of our local discount fabric stores the other day and nabbed a swatch of chartreuse linen, I have no particular purpose or need for it. It just look so good with Navy, Cream, Gray, Purple, White, Coral...pretty much anything!

Inspiration Starts With One Thing

I'm working on a new project. My clients are wanting to transform a dining room that is never used into more of a sitting room, an area they can lounge in, like a secondary living room. I hadn't moved forward in the design process until last week. It started with a little ladies lunch with my Mom, sister, Aunt, cousin and her cute kids. Afterwards Miss Mendi and I wasted, I mean, worked, for a few hours, popping into a few antique/vintage shops. That's when I came across this great old sofa. The scale and design are perfect, character hard to find in new pieces. That single seat cushion is fabulous and it's deep and comfortable. Of course it needs to be reupholstered and re-worked a little. I can imagine a geometric fabric, (perhaps inspired by the original..not that color though!).

Then I spied these wing chairs at another shop. The stretchers sold me. They aren't terribly old, but they can totally be spiced up with a great fabric, maybe an over scaled stripe or something colorful, unexpected.

Now I'm thinking we need to grasscloth the entire room, add texture everywhere! It's warm and inviting and will modernize these older pieces of furniture.

And coffee table? Something modern...lucite/mirror/glass. Something that looks really pretty when you set a drink on it!

A Kid's Room & Savvy Home

Isn't this the most perfect bedroom for a child? Just enough adult, just enough kid. A boy or a girl could live happily there. It's simple, charming and most importantly, not too much stuff. I am in love.

Also, check out this great blog, Savvy Home. Thank you for featuring me over the weekend Gabrielle!
July 12, 2011

Pretty Colors

I'm pretty much sure monochromatic is not for me.

I love color.

When I see photographs like this, my heart skips a few beats....

Tim fell in love with Rio this past April, he's promised to bring me there one of these days. It's probably the most colorful city outside of India! When I go to Brazil, I want to try this...FutevĂ´lei, looks fun eh?

images: here & here

Summer Time Accessorizing

...Is all about bracelets. When I was a kid, my sister and I were crazy for making friendship bracelets, I miss them. I love piling on any type of bracelet, practically all the way to my elbow and this summer has been no exception. I LOVE Karen's new friendship bracelet...I want to make one. I know, I know, is that bad? Not for a friend..for myself? Ok fine, if I found time to make them I'd have to make one for my sis Kate too.

This was my wrist yesterday. Fauxlex mens watch off a cheapo website, South American woven bracelets from Madewell NYC, kinda like these, fakey gold bangles from a market in Mumbai, all time favorite tortoiseshell bracelets from Chatuchak Bangkok (I've had six of them since 1999, now I'm down to 2..so sad), string bracelets from San Francisco H&M last weekend, love the hodge podge.

How can this translate to your house? Your books are kinda like your bracelets. Mix and match them. Colorful, old and new, maybe on boring subjects or exotic lands. Change them up. Decorate with them. Buy them even if you hate the subject but the cover is pretty. This is how the books are laying around here this week. They are always a changing!
I love summer! We're off this afternoon up north to Saugatuck, MI for a special wedding! So excited to get out of town, hang with old friends and feel some slightly cooler temperatures!
July 7, 2011

Things We Can Learn From Ralph Lauren

Wallpapering a bedroom is a good idea.

Add texture when using a monochromatic color scheme. Love that tufting!

When showcasing photographs, use silver frames, group them together. (and 3 is plenty!)

Blue & White never goes out of style.

Layer rugs, layer window treatments, layer accessories, layer bedding.

A touch of animal print is classy.

In entry ways and stairwells, try over scaled lighting, over scaled art.

Grass around a pool is perfection! Keep it neat!

Sick of your coffee table? Drape a Dhurrie over it.

Don't be afraid to throw in a little 'glam' every now and then. And don't forget to use plants when accessorizing.

July 5, 2011

What to do with your Suzani?

All of the below! Go forth, be creative, have fun!!

My favorite!

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