July 18, 2011

Inspiration Starts With One Thing

I'm working on a new project. My clients are wanting to transform a dining room that is never used into more of a sitting room, an area they can lounge in, like a secondary living room. I hadn't moved forward in the design process until last week. It started with a little ladies lunch with my Mom, sister, Aunt, cousin and her cute kids. Afterwards Miss Mendi and I wasted, I mean, worked, for a few hours, popping into a few antique/vintage shops. That's when I came across this great old sofa. The scale and design are perfect, character hard to find in new pieces. That single seat cushion is fabulous and it's deep and comfortable. Of course it needs to be reupholstered and re-worked a little. I can imagine a geometric fabric, (perhaps inspired by the original..not that color though!).

Then I spied these wing chairs at another shop. The stretchers sold me. They aren't terribly old, but they can totally be spiced up with a great fabric, maybe an over scaled stripe or something colorful, unexpected.

Now I'm thinking we need to grasscloth the entire room, add texture everywhere! It's warm and inviting and will modernize these older pieces of furniture.

And coffee table? Something modern...lucite/mirror/glass. Something that looks really pretty when you set a drink on it!


christine {bijouandboheme} said...

That settee/sofa is PERFECTION- I would have had a hard time not keeping that beauty for myself- I can't wait to see how it and the fabulous wing chairs turn out- and grasscloth/lucite- yum!!!

Fran said...

Wow, I love that settee!! I totally invision something graphic on it!! I really like where you're going with this! Good luck!

paula said...

I hope you post the room when its done!

Meg said...

I hope my client goes for it all! Thanks ladies! :)

Kristy {The Kiki Chronicles} said...

Love the settee Meg. Great find :) This room is going to be gorgeous!

Gabrielle said...

That sounds wonderful. Love the grasscloth and lucite or glass table idea to pair with the settee!

mendi said...

LOVE every single chartreuse image... particularly that bath!

mendi said...

woops, commented on the wrong thing... i meant to comment on the post with all the chartreuse images obviously!

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