July 12, 2011

Summer Time Accessorizing

...Is all about bracelets. When I was a kid, my sister and I were crazy for making friendship bracelets, I miss them. I love piling on any type of bracelet, practically all the way to my elbow and this summer has been no exception. I LOVE Karen's new friendship bracelet...I want to make one. I know, I know, is that bad? Not for a friend..for myself? Ok fine, if I found time to make them I'd have to make one for my sis Kate too.

This was my wrist yesterday. Fauxlex mens watch off a cheapo website, South American woven bracelets from Madewell NYC, kinda like these, fakey gold bangles from a market in Mumbai, all time favorite tortoiseshell bracelets from Chatuchak Bangkok (I've had six of them since 1999, now I'm down to 2..so sad), string bracelets from San Francisco H&M last weekend, love the hodge podge.

How can this translate to your house? Your books are kinda like your bracelets. Mix and match them. Colorful, old and new, maybe on boring subjects or exotic lands. Change them up. Decorate with them. Buy them even if you hate the subject but the cover is pretty. This is how the books are laying around here this week. They are always a changing!
I love summer! We're off this afternoon up north to Saugatuck, MI for a special wedding! So excited to get out of town, hang with old friends and feel some slightly cooler temperatures!


Kate LeSueur said...

Can we braid them in our hair too?!!!

mendi said...

After writing countless thank you notes with the word bracelet misspelled, I'm so happy to see you have it right. If you looked up the word bracelet in the dictionary, the definition would read "MEG".

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