July 7, 2011

Things We Can Learn From Ralph Lauren

Wallpapering a bedroom is a good idea.

Add texture when using a monochromatic color scheme. Love that tufting!

When showcasing photographs, use silver frames, group them together. (and 3 is plenty!)

Blue & White never goes out of style.

Layer rugs, layer window treatments, layer accessories, layer bedding.

A touch of animal print is classy.

In entry ways and stairwells, try over scaled lighting, over scaled art.

Grass around a pool is perfection! Keep it neat!

Sick of your coffee table? Drape a Dhurrie over it.

Don't be afraid to throw in a little 'glam' every now and then. And don't forget to use plants when accessorizing.


Whitney Lee said...

Love this post! Thank you!

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