August 26, 2011

Lulu DK

I need to get out from under the rock I must have been hiding under all summer because holy moly, how on EARTH did I miss Lulu DeKwiatkowski's One Kings Lane sale of her interiors drawings. I'm seriously dying I missed this. I would have wanted all of them. They are so utterly charming I can't even stand it. This is the one that kills me. I LOVE IT. The colors are so my favorite colors. Sad face. I love that Chinese looking black chair and the little bit of 'colonial' feel it has.

And this is my favorite Lulu DK fabric, 'Colors'. I've been DYING to use it on a project. Let me know if you need pillows out of it! I might just be ordering some to have it at my finger tips!

I don't know about y'all but sometimes I just get overwhelmed with the flash sale sites - It's like I deal with so much shopping/sourcing as it is on a daily basis that those sales on top of it all just puts me over the edge with consumerism. So I need to take breaks from them. But lesson attention Meg, because breaks may mean major missed opportunities! Shucks! Good thing Miss Lu is still offering to custom draw for her fans! I might be taking her up on that ;)

If Money Were No Object - Nursery Pt 1

Ok, to be honest. As a designer, designing your own nursery is hard work. It took me a while to even want to start thinking about it (maybe the tiredness & sickness had something to do with it!). I'm not really into 'baby', themes or pale pink or pale blue or anything that looks cheesy. I like furniture to last, to have a timeless feel. Once I saw the photo above, it all sorta 'clicked' in my mind. That soft mint/pistachio is so beautiful and soothing, it's classy and looks good with lots of other colors. I've put together below, items I would purchase for my 'dream nursery' if there was absolutely no budget. Well, Tbou is going to have to attend college one day, therefore most of these exact items are merely a dream (especially that light fixture!). I've already collected some things inspired off of these images and will show you piece by piece later on as it comes together.

Y'all know I'm obsessed with rugs. Real, hand knotted, semi-antique Persians to be exact. This is a rug I've stalked at my FAVORITE for a long time. The colors are hard to see here but the base color is this amazing deep eggplant. It's so unusual. I would layer it over my wall to wall seagrass. It's a Karabagh, my friend/old colleague Jenifer from my college years was the first to introduce me to the beauty of Russian/Caucus Karabaghs! Ceiling done in this classic O&L paper I've loved for years

here - a tribute to Tbou being 1/2 New Zealander! Love that this can be thrown on the floor, in a chair, moved to a different room, etc.
draperies. color in photo does not do this fabric justice! Here here Here - all white linen quilted crib bedding, skirt, bumper, the whole bit
Art: here

here via here
This I've actually already bought...wups!

I've bought all of the parts to this for my GrandTex to make when he's making that cradle!




And I can't decide if I'd grass cloth the walls or leave them white for the 'dream' nursery. The real nursery is staying white! Of course I'd need a side table thrown in, lamps, some of those Senegalese baskets as hampers, maybe a bookshelf or wall shelf. You get the gist. And a very big closet to neatly put away all of the toys...wooden toys!

August 25, 2011

A Tale of Tbou and Sunken Cypress

Thanks for all the well wishes y'all! Ok, ok now you're wondering how on earth this baby got a name like Tbou? Well. I'll explain, slowly. We're originally from South Louisiana, where a lot of Cajun French is thrown around in everyday speech. One particular phrase often used is calling someone 'T-xxx' as a nickname. For example, John Sr. has a little boy, names him John Jr, John Jr would then be "T-John", meaning 'Little John'. This all derives from the French word for little, which is 'petite'..then shortened to just plain 'T'. Ok, now that you know that you'll understand how Tbou was named. When I went out on my own full time with LeSueur Interiors about 18 months ago, I was so busy and in over my head with work that I found little time for exercise. Consequently I gained 11 lbs. The 'Texas 11' I was calling it, moving to Texas is bad for the waist line! Right around this time we went to my cousins wedding in Alabama, and I brought a pencil skirt to wear. I hadn't tried it on in quite a few months and it was snuuug, very very snug, spanx allowed for the zipper to go up, but that was about it. It was so tight that when I tried to get in the backseat of my mom's, Miss Mendi, 2-door Audi I couldn't squeeze. I had to make her sit in the back so I could sit in the front. While I was crouched down low in a very comfortable position trying to contort my body in spanx, a skin tight linen skirt and 4'' heels I could hear my Dad yell, 'Well come on 'Boudin'! Boudin is a sausage from South Louisiana made with pork and spicy cajun rice. (side note - if you're ever around Scott/Lafayette in Louisiana, you have to stop here for the Boudin balls, they are to do die for) There I was, looking and feeling like absolute 'boudin' in that outfit! Then he said, "I can't believe your poor mother is in the back seat." I felt awful! The only thing that could remedy the situation was booze. So one of the only pictures of us from that night is above, taken of me and my sis Kate, at probably 2 or 3am where wine, vodka and the afterparty really loosend up that skirt. Thank goodness you can't even see the skirt! (one side note on Kate's pretty silk dress in the foreground, she got that when visiting me in Paris in '05, she was a junior or senior in highschool! still fits! always hold on to your 'classics'! lesson: wear your silk-cut-on-the-bias as much as you can when you're young, before you gain the texas 11!)

Ever since then my Dad has ever so lovingly and affectionately teased me by calling me 'Boudin' (Pronounced : Boo - Dan) Naturally, when we told him we were expecting, he said, "awww...little Boudin.....TBoudin..... TBOU!!!" and Tbou was born. Lucky for us we don't live in South Louisiana and once Tbou is born, the nickname will die and its real name will take over. For those in South Louisiana...the nicknames never die.

This is our camp. I've talked about it before. It's a very very special place to our family. When we moved around and lived overseas, it's the 'home' we always came back to. All of our friends would congregate here in the summers with us. A lot of memories have been made in this little log cabin on the water.

Earlier this year our camp went under some renovations. The guy my Dad hired to do/manage the work is named Tom, or 'Tattoo Tom' as Miss Mendi calls him. Anyway, Tom's right hand man is called, 'Midnight'. My Dad has been living away from the bayou since 1980 so he forgets people from time to time. When he asked someone to remind him who 'Midnight' was, they replied, 'You know, remember his brothers 'Moon' and 'Sunshine'?'. This is no joke. This is real life on Lake Verret, Louisiana!

One time during this whole renovation process, Dad lost Midnight's phone number and asked Mom to look it up in the phone book. Miss Mendi remembered his real name, Francis Richard (richard is pronounced ree-chard down here), and called directory assistance. Unfortunately there was no Francis Richard listed. Dad told her to call back and ask them to look under 'Midnight' Richard, sure enough, his number was listed. Moral of the story, nick names are very important, hence why the name 'Tbou' even exists!

Down here people live like they did in the good ole days, and a lot of bartering/gift exchanging still takes place. Tom was so grateful that my Dad hired him for this job that when he ran into an old log on the bottom of the lake a few months later, Dad was the first person he called. Turns out Tattoo Tom had hit a piece of 'sunken cypress'. Over 100 years ago, when the cypress trees were being logged in the area, logs would fall off the barges from time to time as they traveled across the water. These logs are considered to be very valuable because they've been soaking in water for a very long time, and the wood is absolutely beautiful. When Tom offered the wood to Dad, we all completely freaked out and started thinking of a million ways to use it, fire place mantles, kitchen cabinets, FURNITURE!

Anyway Dad had the wood all cut and planed and is holding on to it for when my parents build their dream house in a couple of years. But he kindly offered Tbou a few pieces of it so my GrandTex or GreatGrandTex to Tbou, could make a little cradle! He's going to make one similar to the one above. Sweet huh?
Here are some other old cypress pieces I've used as little shelves in my laundry room

Remember my cypress dining table? Here's a picture to remind you! Just to keep it real, I snapped this tonight. If you ever pop over to my house, this is what you get. Some 'organized' mess.

I'll keep you updated on Tbou's progress, and don't worry, I'll let you know what we name Tbou in real life when he/she is born! And I'll also keep you updated when future projects involving that sunken cypress take place!

August 23, 2011


Part of the reason this heat is bothering me so much and I've been so distracted lately.... I have a BABY on board, and I've been rapidly expanding into a hippo! Tim and I, along with our families, are so thrilled about this new adventure! My family has nick-named this sweet peanut, "T-bou" (long story for another time) and we are absolutely thrilled that our family will expand to 3 at the end of the year! (isn't that sign above cute? My brother Lon saw one like it in France this summer and sent me a picture!) There's Tbou at age 13 weeks. He/She is 21 wks now, over half way there!

I hope Tbou is as cute as these munchkins. I love pandabears. Love them. I think it's the black and white. And their sweet eyes. Anyway, one of the first little things I bought for Tbou was this little onesie with Pandas embroidered out of French Knots. It's precious. I'm a sucker for fabric and embroidery.

Anyway, now that this cat Tbou is out of the bag, I guess you'll be asking about nursery designs?! Right? I was frozen there for a while, so tied up and busy with clients, I could hardly even think of what to do for the baby's room. Now I've started ordering/buying a few things...I'll show you my inspiration later this week! We aren't finding out if Tbou is a girl or boy until birth so it's been making the nursery fun and challenging!

August 22, 2011

Still Hot

Tim showed me this last night and said, "Guess what? It's supposed to cool down later this week!". I got excited and believed him for a second.


Fall, Where You At?

I hate to be one of those people that's always blogging about how they can't wait for the next season to come. Really, for the most part, I try to enjoy the time I'm in. But I'm sorry, this summer is an exception. I can hardly stand another day over 100 degrees. My yard is burnt up to a crisp, everyone is grumpy from this heat and the mosquitos have taken over. It's so miserable. And there is no end in sight. My car said 106 today. 106. Please, September, October..can you please hurry up?

images: here, here and here

August 19, 2011

A few favorite things...

Here are a few things that I'm loving right now.

Discovered while staying here. Obsessed.

Expensive but worth it. Even Tim was squealing in the shower when he used that peppermint shampoo for the first time, it tingles!

This bra is the best thing ever. Perfect when you're little on top like me! I have it in two colors, I would wear them all!This Madewell Teeshirt. This color is really like a neon pink in real life. Tim observed last night that I'm "totally into 80's colors" lately. Duh. If he read my blog he'd know that already!I plan on wearing it like this in the fall. Casual.

Hempseeds. Very high in protein. Recommended by the healthiest person I know, my mother- in-law. Sprinkled over granola and fruit and fage in the morning!

Coconut Water. Also recommended by my mother-in-law (by way of her acupuncturist). At first I was forcing them down, couldn't really stand the taste, now I've become addicted. We've been ordering cases off of Amazon (free shipping with Prime and it's like 1/3rd cheaper than Whole Foods!)

Have a wonderful weekend!

August 16, 2011

Hollywood Regency Tub Chairs

When I don't know what to blog about I start scrolling through my iphone pictures to see what I've been doing lately. It's 'chocka' (a term often used by people of my husbands native land down under) full of inspiration. These Hollywood-regency beauties are the best things I've seen in a while. I love their round shape, fat channeled back and tubby-ness. They are on a round wooden base which is great looking. Of course this is the original mid-century upholstery that needs to be ripped off, but imagine the possibilities. VELVET. Dark and sexy jewel tones! Mmm. These are so wonderful and would add so much life and character to a room instead of boring old regular chairs. Lesson of today, keep your eyes peeled for furniture that isn't so 'typical'. With a little imagination there is so much potential in unusual shapes.

They can be found at the new Kirby & Co in Houston, go see Jenna or Linda! Or online you can see some of their fanciest wares! I don't have a current project for these (I wish I did!) so I'm trying to pawn them off to you while they're still available!

While we're on the subject...

Here's a few more goodies for you. (or for me)Sarah Story is one of my absolute faves. Her time growing up in Asia and her design influences (Burmese books lining her shelves...side note, I spent 4 months raising money for Burmese refugees when I got of college) remind me so much of ME, maybe that is why I can't get enough of her. So. Check out her kitchen. I loooove the table and chairs, and of course the painted floor goes without saying. And a plum ceiling. Yes. Gimme. Sarah you rock. I want to participate in an elephant polo match with you in Thailand next September.

Black Black Black

In my next house I'm painting all of my trim BLACK. All doors, all mouldings, all built-in bookshelves. It looks super chic and cool and I'm obsessed.


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