August 22, 2011

Fall, Where You At?

I hate to be one of those people that's always blogging about how they can't wait for the next season to come. Really, for the most part, I try to enjoy the time I'm in. But I'm sorry, this summer is an exception. I can hardly stand another day over 100 degrees. My yard is burnt up to a crisp, everyone is grumpy from this heat and the mosquitos have taken over. It's so miserable. And there is no end in sight. My car said 106 today. 106. Please, September, October..can you please hurry up?

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Sush said...

Fa Tru Hawt...but when ya transplant to North Cackalaky we get a few more breaks in dat heat den ya get in Youston!


Los Angeles home security said...

Absolutely loving the library! The gallery wall is so well done and I can't get over the planked wall and ceiling. Looks like a lovely place to relax




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