August 16, 2011

Hollywood Regency Tub Chairs

When I don't know what to blog about I start scrolling through my iphone pictures to see what I've been doing lately. It's 'chocka' (a term often used by people of my husbands native land down under) full of inspiration. These Hollywood-regency beauties are the best things I've seen in a while. I love their round shape, fat channeled back and tubby-ness. They are on a round wooden base which is great looking. Of course this is the original mid-century upholstery that needs to be ripped off, but imagine the possibilities. VELVET. Dark and sexy jewel tones! Mmm. These are so wonderful and would add so much life and character to a room instead of boring old regular chairs. Lesson of today, keep your eyes peeled for furniture that isn't so 'typical'. With a little imagination there is so much potential in unusual shapes.

They can be found at the new Kirby & Co in Houston, go see Jenna or Linda! Or online you can see some of their fanciest wares! I don't have a current project for these (I wish I did!) so I'm trying to pawn them off to you while they're still available!


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