September 26, 2011

Navy Nursery

After going to Leslie Sinclair's book signing at Boxwood last week I haven't been able to stop thinking about maybe painting Tbou's nursery Navy Blue. Boxwood throws good parties. And they always 'dress' the shop to the nines for them. One of the walls/vignettes they changed for the party included a wall painted in Farrow & Ball's "Black Blue". It was to die for. I've become obsessed and I can't stop thinking about it. I need it in my house. Then I thought, ooo, maybe I could paint the nursery that color. But is that too goth for a little baby? Even with lots of gold/mirror and white? Or maybe it will promote lots of sleeping being so dark? Ahh. Decisions Decisions. Maybe I should just keep that one in my back pocket for our next house? What do y'all think?
September 20, 2011

Mix & Match

I love it all. Way to experiment with a few different looks Grant Gibson!


I keep seeing pumpkins and Halloween stuff out everywhere! With these 90 degree days we keep having, it's not quite autumn in Houston yet. When it comes to orange and dressing for the season, this outfit really does it for me!
September 19, 2011


When we were kids my mom used to let us make 'pallets' as a fun treat when having a sleepover or as a form of entertainment on a Friday night. You know, big piles of messy blankets and pillows in the middle of the living room floor to watch a movie, that kind of pallet.

When I saw this ever-so-charming nursery, I couldn't help but smile at that great pallet. This mom had such a great idea for her child, what little one wouldn't love to curl up on the floor in a special little spot like this?

I will definitely be implementing something like this in the future for our little ones! Not only is it darling, it encourages quiet time and reading. My favorite part is that it feels so multi-cultural...even sparks my grown up imagination of camping out in a far away Arabian desert!

September 16, 2011

Cheers Mates!

Y'all, please have a drink for me this weekend!

Isn't this bar lovely? Tip: Get a stand made for an old trunk, use it as a bar or a coffee table. Such a great idea!
September 12, 2011

Mirrored Walls

I'm doing a mirrored wall similar to this in an apartment dining room. Pretty pretty, wouldn't you agree?

World Map

I've always wanted to do this in a little boys bedroom or a play room in my own house one day! I want my kids to know geography, one of my biggest pet peeves is when people don't know where places are (which seems to happen a lot in this when people think Australia and New Zealand are the same place, and like when people think Singapore is a city in know what I mean?!). How cute huh?

image: here

Farrow & Ball

I'm just dying to use a Farrow & Ball paper in a dining room I'm working on right now...

So many beautiful designs in gorgeous colors! It's hard to pick a favorite!


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