January 26, 2011

Navajo and peeps I like

don't mind that nasty gray carpet and red lines of some odd duct tape.
I keep touching on Navajo. NO likes some nav too.
I scored this little guy a couple of weeks ago. I am going to have it at Urban Market, but if it doesn't sell I'll gladly welcome it into our little house. I'll save it for a future daughter's room. It's so M.W. - preppy/ethnic/modern/awesome. My little rug is going for a lot lot lot less than what Madeline's getting for some of hers up in the big apple at mecca abc. I would love to see it at the end of a little girls bed, as an upholstered top on a super cool bench, in a little hallway or kitchen on the floor. Possibilities are endless.

More on this Navajo trend, the other day I was at Matt Camron visiting with my buddy Bobak, and he showed me these awesome new custom Navajo Dhurries. I was obsessed! They look amazing in person. You can custom design your size/colors/pattern. Amazing. My friend Sarah writes the Matt Camron blog..check it out!

Also huge thank yous to my peeps Nero & the girls over at Covet Living for the shout outs and recent blog awards...y'all are so fun!

End of January.

Just a couple of thoughts.

How are we already at the end of January? Time sweeps by.

It's crazy how the simplicity of white is so perfect. White tulips are perfect. I love how there is always that tulip in the bunch flopping in its own direction.

These colors make my heart skip beats. They are exciting. I wouldn't even be able to choose a favorite. Can you?

So many choices we have in life. Even picking a color can be challenging. Always trying to make the right decision can be exhausting.

There is a sweet doggy going to heaven today. Prayers needed for a little bull terrier named Bailey and her family. Thanks.

I'm also ending this month by running a half marathon with my mother-in-law. She's been training for months. She's running and training to help the homeless. I think that is amazing. Absolutely awesome. Can you imagine living without a home? I can't. If you're interested, click here to donate a little to help those without a place to sleep find one.

images: here & here

Dallas Round Up - Again & Again

Miss Mendi and I had a great time in Dallas last week. Here's the scoop. I'm not going to post a bunch of the products I saw at market only because they aren't as exciting as the things I found at Again and Again. Except I love this little bucket. This was our fave. It's like a total Gucci/Hermes knock off, something super chic to house toys, trash, logs, whatever. Oh one side note, if you're in the big D...eat dinner at Park, (the chic bar in the back had live jazz when we were there) and have a meat ball sub at Jimmy's. Both recommendations from the owner of Again and Again, sweet Leslie Pritchard. We tested both and loved them!Again and Again has three locations. We went to them twice in the two days we were there. I was obsessed. Sweet Emily of Material Girls gave me the heads up on Again, thank you Emily!! Anyway, Leslie has some awesome, awesome things, for great prices. I would be in serious trouble if there was a Houston location. She's working on getting some of her pieces online, I'll let you know when she has it up and running because I know her site will be better than ebay. You have to have an imagination with her things, some need some sprucing, some are off-the-wall, just the way I like it, she has that unexpected thing every home needs. Her look is the total mix, high/low, midcentury/antique, painted/not painted etc. She told me she loves to 'save furniture'. I just melted over that. I like to save furniture too.

This guy came home with me in the back of my car. So did an old beat up awesome Persian rug, I'll post a photo of that once it's been cleaned, it's too dirty to even put on my floor right now! Back to this chair, what do you think? I'm over-the-moon, in love with it. At first I thought I'd put it in my booth at Urban Market (which is Feb 13 by the way, mark your calendars). Now I'm not sure I can part with the original and might have my upholster make a re-production to sell. I'm thinking I want to keep it for my bedroom and re-upholster it in either an old worn looking tobacco leather, OR a dark blue velvet or mohair. The lines are crazy wild, and most importantly, original. This chair came out of a Chicago estate, the original owner's son sold it to Leslie, it has the original upholstery tag on the seat...it's old, 1890's - 1910's old. And the scale is phenomenal. I should have taken a picture of me sitting in it, that back is HUGE. Scale is so important. I've seen some chairs remade like this, in similar fashion, but the scale of the wings are all off compared to the depth/legs/arms etc. This one is just right. What should I do? Take it to Urban Market or not? Eek.. help! One more note about this chair, one of my most favorite things about it, is that exposed wooden curved frame along the back. Do you know how hard that is to make? Making a repro will not be cheap. Ok..enough about my obsession with this crazy chair.
Pretty spectacular hardware.

Moose antlers? REAL moose antlers? YES! These are so bad ass. I have Elk antlers going in my Urban Market booth that are pretty bad ass too.

Navajo is IN right now. I think it's becoming the new ikat. I loved this bench. I have a sweet little preppy looking Navajo rug for my booth too.

Ice ice baby chandeliers from France. So chic.

Great little side tables, they need a little TLC but that is easy!

Prettiest little lucite chair, PERFECT vanity chair, with a custom cushion and new brass casters.

The lines on this sofa. Holy moley. Look carelfully at the back cushions and arms. And the scale of this sofa. It was like 10 feet long. Leslie wants to upholster this in coral velvet. I'd probably drop the skirt and make exposed legs, but can you imagine? Miss Mendi and I sat here with her and chatted furniture, saving furniture, blogs, stores, style, Dallas, Houston, interior design, for TWO HOURS. She's so sweet!

I loved this classic Empire chest mixed with all of the other fun stuff. All about that mix. This piece would last for-evah, never out of style.

After chatting for two hours, Miss Mendi asked to use the ladies. We heard her squeal once she turned the light on. SURPRISE. A hot pink bathroom with brass fixtures. Totally gutsy, amazing. It's actually wallpapered. Even better.
I could think of a million ways to use that pair of mirrors. So gorgeous. I like pairs of things.
Ok. Check out Leslie's site. You can call her and buy any of this stuff, if it's still available, I think she moves things fast because her prices are so great. I was obsessed. I am obsessed! Thanks for the fun afternoon and all the tips Leslie!!! I love my chair and rug and I hope to find some more treasures and save some more furniture for my clients from you soon ;)

January 24, 2011

the ultimate purpose of life

sorry i've been mia.

lots going on.

my girl jessica and i started a drapery workroom. today was day one. it's so awesome.

call me if you need custom drapes/bedding/soft furnishings/monogramming. we gotcha covered. our other girl, miss hilda, she's our sewing goddess and can make it all and is dying to get those machines running. jessica and i are dying to watch her in action and learn from her.

tim's singing in the shower right now and it's making me laugh out loud. he makes up songs, they aren't anything that plays on the radio. he's so funny.

speaking of tim, we watched the english patient this weekend, it was like the best stayathome date ever. highly recommend it.

i have some great stuff from dallas to show you, but i'm about to make some tea and hit the sack. tomorrow i'll fill you in.

but. for now. to end this monday night. watch this. it makes you think. there's a lot more going on on this earth than pillows, chairs, draperies, rugs and house plans.

January 18, 2011

Big Ass Gallery Wall

This is like a museum for your family. I love it. Love it. Love it.
These ethnic jewels make me happy. I want to dig around in that bowl and find some treasures.

Such a cozy bedroom.

Katie Leede. You rock. I have some sampling of her bad ass fabrics if you're interested in seeing any, email me. I love her color, texture, organic and little ethnic edge.

In other news. I'll be traveling to Dallas for market over the next couple of days. I'm kinda dreading the insanity and all the STUFF. Too much stuff. Just as I've been cleaning out my whole house, pantry, office, closets, car and getting rid of stuff. But I'm looking forward to spending time with my partner in crime, my mama Miss Mendi. Some QT will be nice. Plus there are some great lines out there that I'm dying to see, touch, sit in and judge in real life. I'll try to blog, can you blog from an ipad? Dumb ass question right? I'm sure you can. Duh, Steve Jobs would totally incourage blogging from ipads. I'll leave you for now to go work on making one of those gallery walls. After seeing this picture I want to quadruple mine.

January 13, 2011

You Like This Ottoman?

So gorg. I'm going to have one similar at Urban Market. If I don't keep it for myself..which will be hard to do.
1940's hide from Namibia. So beautiful. More info about U.M. later. This is just a little teaser.

Think about it. If you don't live here and have to have it, I ship!


I am obsessed with all of these colors. That little bit of purple is just right.

Apartment Living

Doesn't look too bad.
January 6, 2011

All in the Architecture

I love a pretty hallway. Suffering from a cold. Excited for a supper club tonight with some pretty cool chicks. Girl time is always good. I love those wood floors.
January 3, 2011



Indian Chic.

I can't get enough of this. NARS is so cool.

Muah Muah

I forgot one thing.

Thanks for reading. For hanging out with me. For stopping by. I appreciate it.


Wash Your Make Up Brushes...and Happy New Year

Happy New Year Friends! Ready to open the door to 2011? How was work today? A little rough huh?

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends. We've had such a nice past couple of weeks just relaxing at home. This was my first Christmas waking up in my own bed since I was about 18. I always had to travel over Christmas to be with my family or Tim's family, and this year it was so nice to stay put! We had a fun time ringing in the New Year outside of New Orleans at our camp on Lake Verret.

Now back to the grind. Everyone is talking about their New Year Resolutions. Of course I have some...don't we all? Even if you think resolutions are stupid and don't write them down, I would bet almost everyone is thinking of ways they can improve their health, their work, their relationships, their finances, their goals, their attitude and their life right around now.

I have this little notebook of written goals. I have them separated by home, business, personal. I wrote them on the plane ride home from spending Christmas 2009 in San Francisco with my in-laws. I thought it would be fun to go back and read through some, and see what I had crossed off. Since this blog is mostly about design, I'll let you in on my house goals, and what I've accomplished. Let's celebrate first before we stress over all the things for the upcoming year. You'll see here below some goals met, some lingering around still, AND what I need to add for 2011!

House Goals 2010

Entry rug - persian
Paint living room trim
Hang blinds
New seagrass carpet – both bedrooms
Order seagrass rug living room
Order sofa office
Order desk
Order filing cabinet
Move table to bedroom
Office bookshelves
Paint office
Paint office trim
New glass on office French doors
Swap washer and dryer with fridge in laundry room
Paint laundry room
replace Laundry doors – something old
Stain sewing table (now I want to make a table skirt for this piece)
Stain kitchen table
Paint bar stools (now I need to repaint)
Café curtains kitchen (I did roman blinds)
Bar stool squabs
Side tables extra coat of paint
Frame Dubai botanicals
Frame Lauren art
Family photo wall
New bulletin board
Get cloche made into entry light fixture
Hang kitchen fixture
Bath cabinet new
Brackets on dining table
Master headboard
Master drapes
Dining chairs
Entry mirror

Phew. I am pretty pleased. I got most of this list completed, plus a lot of items that aren't even on this list. Now, for 2011 I'd like to add:
(such a pretty image. I'm in major master bedroom mode right now)
Master bath vanity renovation (almost already completed)
Order master bath sconces
Master bath mirror
Master bedroom console lamps need lampshades
Chair for master bedroom
Table for kitchen
Lamp for table in kitchen
Appliqued bedding/shower curtain a la Leontine for master
Frame bus sign
Huge Persian to layer over seagrass for bedroom (that is on my 'if I win the lottery' list)
Front porch swing seat squab + pillows
LANDSCAPING. Huge one. I want to rip out things and add a lot

Outdoor dining table + chairs + umbrella
Fix up guest room completely

What are you planning on doing around your house this year?

As 2010 closed I felt lucky. Tim and I had a great year adjusting to life back in the states, his job, going out on my own 100% working for myself, our first house, living near family. I feel like each year we learn so much and accomplish more than in the previous one. Every single day I'm learning more, trying to think how I can improve, what I can work on, how can I be better? Especially for me in the early days of running my own business...there are an endless amount of growing pains and learning curves! I know there's a lot more coming!
Some things I'm going to try to keep in mind this 2011.

- appreciate the small things- slow down
-maintain organization, of my car, my paperwork, my closet, my magazines and magazine tear outs
-be grateful everyday for my family and friends
- not to put so much pressure on myself
- cook more meals

- run and define
- stop worrying about things out of my control
-add more zebra to my life. just kidding. I wrote that to see if you were still reading. Good you are. I have one last little tid bit of info as to how I'm showing up to 2011 ready to play.
Everyone's cleaning right? I decided it was time to clean out my bathroom cabinets, chest of drawers and closet. I've only tackled the first two...closet later this week. Boy do you find some sick stuff in your bathroom drawers. Try Bobbi Brown eye shimmer you can remember your mom buying you for your junior year of HIGHSCHOOL prom. To the trash it went, because it's so old you dry heave thinking about it. And I washed out all of our dopp kits and 'sponge bags', as the Kiwis call them. We had 7 between the two of us, all completely filthy. We travel a LOT. And I washed all of my make up brushes with shampoo. I read once that you are supposed to do it every couple of months. I tried, but I get behind. This time I think I was about 9 months behind. They're drying right now. Go, wash your make up brushes, when was the last time you did? Think about it. Welcome 2011. We're glad you're here.


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