August 31, 2012


I am very excited to announce the re-launch of my website! I have a new project up and two more scheduled to be photographed in late September after I return from another trip across the pond. I worked with a young cool web designer, Dedrean Dixon, who I think did an awesome job! Stay tuned for more updates...
August 21, 2012

The Best Hair Tie

August 15, 2012

Summer Uniform

I'm leaving for Denver tomorrow morning to help a dear old friend wedding dress shop. I'm currently waiting for my 2,000+ photos on my iphone to upload so I can clear some off so I can take pictures of her dressed in white...while I wait, 

this is what I've lived in all summer: 

I would own all colors, but then all I'd wear is I cut myself off at 2. 

paired with a Virgin Saints & Angels pendant...mine is a little different, but loving this one. 

Kinda like these, but from last season. They are great. 

again, I could own every color, (especially the nude patent ones which I'm kinda dying for) but I'm trying to get back into all my heels after that long hiatus...speaking of heels. 

get 1000x compliments when worn. They are last season, and were sold out in my size but I was so desperate for them I bought 1/2 size up which is a little annoying as far as the fit goes. but I totally believe in sacrificing comfort for style sometimes. wink wink. 

They fit me a little better than raybans. 

Getting so excited for fall know what will be my uniform then?! Liberty for Jcrew. Obsessed. Obsessed. 

it will be hard to pick which print..but I'm thinking this one. Lovely isn't it!?

Can't wait to breath that mountain air and get out of this sweltering, august, no inch of breath, southern heat. 
August 14, 2012

Catching My Eye

After I had Julian I was completely uninterested in design and working. I'm not sure what happened, just basically lost that creative mojo. Who knows, you go crazy when you're pregnant and give birth. Then you try to function on zero sleep and zero energy when you're keeping a human being alive purely from your own body. It's nuts. And to be honest, I couldn't do both things. Looking back, I just crack up because I actually thought during my 'maternity leave' that I'd go through the piles and piles of old magazines I have stacked around. Yea right. Like the five minutes of my spare time I was zoning out to Real Housewives of NY, and could barely study read a magazine. BUT this mojo is finally coming back and I'm excited about sconces and paint chips again! I was even picking out toilet colors today! Beige, white, cream or 'linen'. Ha! Thank goodness for that though, makes me feel like I'm doing what I need to be doing (in addition to being a mother/wife)! Pinterest has actually been good for getting my feet wet again. (and obviously is a total time waster too) Here are a few things on my radar right now. I want to try these, either in my own house or in one of your houses!

Grass Cloth on the ceiling. YES. I read recently somewhere, who knows where since we're so ADD and we read stuff on pinterest/insta/facebook/blogs/magazines blah blah.. but anyway, I read recently that Albert Hadley once said that ceilings were the most ignored part of designing a room. I need to take his advice and start taking my design up a notch and dressing up some ceilings. 

Painted Floors. I'm dying to paint a floor a la Mary McDonald or Miles Redd. Some of the masters! Hopefully the opportunity to design something like this pops up soon!

A bench seat cushion. I just love a bench seat cushion on a sofa. Hard to fluff up all the time (speaking from experience, we have one), but so good looking. I especially love this one. I'm generally not too much of a red person, but I love this velvet and color too. 

Chinoiserie Walls. Working on a powder room renovation right now, and the design is inspired by this photo below. So excited to be working with Leslie Sinclair - woman behind this wonderful book - on this super fun project!

Rugs. Duh. If you read this blog you know how I feel about rugs. I snagged this 6x9 antique Mahal a few weeks ago. My girl Sarah just had it cleaned for me. I can't wait to use it somewhere...where?! It would be perfect layered over seagrass in a bedroom or living room. Or used in a big kitchen, or entry. Basically anywhere. I'd even put it in my bathroom if it were big enough. 

New Artist Discovery. I need to sign off now and hit the hay...but the last thing that has been catching my eye lately is this artist I spied in London. Sarah Graham. Gorgeous..and the most insane scale. 

August 13, 2012

Baby Gear

These are some of the things that have made the last 7 months a lot easier. 

Bugaboo Bee. We have the taupe canopy. But in London at Liberty, they had a special edition one that I would have loved to have seen before we got the taupe! (if you follow me on instagram you would have seen a photo of this) This stroller was everywhere in London, it's tiny, lightweight, super easy. We have the cocoon (which we use in the bassinet on international flights that works like a charm), the rain cover, cup holder and Tim can't wait to get the little skateboard for Julian whenever #2 shows up!
Como Tomo Bottles. People always see them and say, 'What a neat bottle!'. I never paid any attention to bottles before, and certainly never commented on them when I saw them. But this one is kinda designey, has an appealing look, and Julian took it from the first day we gave it to him. Highly highly recommended.
Aden + Anais for Serena & Lily. I love these so much. I used them as covers for breastfeeding, used them as covers over the stroller when Julian was sleeping when we were out. Used them as light weight blankets. Used them 24/7. 

jellycat frog. This little guy is Julian's 'lovey' and is the funniest looking, cutest little guy ever. He has the little puppy at my mom's house. Their bodies 5'' tall so they are perfectly pint sized for babies. He also has the big alligator which he loves too. First child = so spoiled.

Bonpoint Burp Cloths - I ordred these over the phone from New York from my hospital bed. Little did I know Julian was going to have reflux and be a thrower-upper...for 6 months non-stop. These 7 little cloths were by my side all.the.time. They wash wonderfully and are sweet. I don't know about y'all but I get sick of all of those baby patterns on everything.

Hannah Andersson for Serena & Lily pj's. These are so so adorable. Julian is on his third pair!

Here are a bunch of other things we've used and loved:
Babyfood storage
Pump (I breastfed for 6 months, and on/during international trips...and never in public, thanks to this!)
Babysoap & this awesome shampoo
Face wipes (I think wipes are so gross, but these smell so nice!)
Bee Toy (saved us on flights first 5 months!)
Angel Dear & KissyKissy clothes/gowns
Diaper bag

And. Most importantly. 10 weeks in we hired Vivian, our savior. She's an infant sleep coach. Julian didn't sleep much in the day before 10 weeks, and I was completely freaked out about taking him to New Zealand when he was 12 weeks old. So we hired Vivian, he was sleeping through the night and napping well in the day after 4 days of working with her. And has been ever since. Worth every single penny. Her rules: no paci, no sound machine, no nothing, just a lovey and a sleep sack, crib bumpers and parents who follow through. And it all works. Don't buy all that stuff, just call Vivian and she will help you. Honestly, when Julian goes to bed at 6:30 every night, it's the best thing ever, Tim and I get our time together, we can work/relax/make dinner and everyone is rested and happy over here. Hope this helps if you're having a baby or know someone who up, back to design!

August 10, 2012

Julian's Nursery

Welcome to Julian's room. Let's start from the beginning. Remember this post? I had no idea what I was having, so I kept it sort of 'gender neutral'. But I wanted to experiment and didn't want to go with the obvious white/gray/green. So I went with navy walls. I had these walls painted 3 times before I felt like the right navy was achieved. In the end it was Farrow & Ball's Black Blue. I knew this was the color from the start but was so frightened by the 'black' of it, that I couldn't just pull the trigger. Lesson, trust your instincts. Don't be afraid. Take a risk. I finally did (and several hundred dollars worth of painters bills later), it's so dark and cozy. I love it, and so does Tim, and I'm pretty sure Julian does too when he sleeps 12 hrs a night! We have french doors in here, so in the day despite the dark walls it's really bright and sunny. Also, believe it or not, the dark walls really make this tiny room feel much bigger. 
Let's talk about the art. When I was about 10 wks pregnant I was at Laura Rathe Gallery shopping for a job. I came across this sculpture and completely fell head over heels in love. A few weeks later I was explaining all of the art in our house to the writer for my BHG article. Each piece signifies an important event in our life, engagement, wedding etc. So then I realized, we had to have this piece of art in our house celebrating our baby. It's by Tara Conley, she has others...and can commission any sentence you want.  The photograph above it was a gift I gave Tim for an anniversary. We didn't have a specific spot for in our house, and it seemed perfect in Julian's room. It's Christian Chaize, and I think I got it off of 20x200

Some other notes, the side tables on either side of the sofa are actually file cabinets that I had table skirts/glass tops made for. We have such little storage in our 100+ year old house, so I was trying to maximize every inch. The crib skirt is the sweetest seersucker you've ever seen. The bumpers and coverlet are this white diamond matelasse (and trim is seersucker ruffle). Sheets are Serena &; Lily. The bedding is all custom, and I plan on using it for all my future babies since it's aqua and white. The armoire and changing table/chest of drawers hold all of Julians clothes. The bamboo piece is an antique and I had the front glass replaced with mirror to a. hide mess and b. reflect light. Changing table was a piece I had in my storage (same with lamps/chandelier). The mirror above the changing table is a Louis Phillipe re-pro that I had made.The books are on Ikea picture ledges that are painted the wall color. Rug is an antique Persian. Let me know if you have any questions about where anything else came from. Over all I love his room because it's not too 'baby', and later on a little girl could quite happily live in here too!

Photography: Kate LeSueur

HELLO THERE! Meet Julian James!

Long time no talk friends! Did you forget about me? Rightly so.. I've fallen off the face of the earth! Last you heard from me I was 8 months pregnant, and was completely overwhelmed with work/weddings/holidays and the obvious looming life change ahead. December 29th I gave birth to the sweetest little blessing, Julian James Lonergan. I originally planned on taking a few months off for maternity leave, which really turned into about 7 months, wups! I've enjoyed every second of this break and spending time with my little family. Oh, we've also been also traveling like there is no tomorrow. During the past 7 months our very patient baby has been to: Shreveport, LA (x2), New Orleans, LA, Austin, TX,  Wellington and Queenstown, New Zealand, London, and Hawaii. Let's recap what's been going on with a few photos, shall we? 

This is December 23rd, 2012. I was HUGE. And miserable. My brother Lon's precious puppy Scout was the only thing that was able to keep me distracted sane. 

Then came the 29th of December. Proud Daddy Tim!

Sweet Julian.


Our little fishy LOVES a bath!

We went to New Zealand to visit Tim's family for Easter. Julian has spent time with all three of his great-grandparents now!

In May he was Christened, and even wore my grandmother's Christening gown. We had a fun party for him afterwards. 
In June we went to London to visit Tim's parents, Hyde park was buzzing just before the Olympics!

And we just got home this week from a super fun holiday in Hawaii, Tim was in a wedding and we spent a wonderful week with family and friends. 

There we are, that just about brings us up to today. Now I'm back to work wrapping up some projects and starting on a few new exciting ones. Working on updating my website, stay tuned. Trying to do the mom/work thing and balance it all...after 7 months I think I am finally feeling like I might be getting the hang of this. Even though I haven't been blogging, I've been pinning and 'insta-ing' like no body's business. Follow me on Pinterest here and on Instagram here. It feels good to be back. Can't wait to show you Julian's nursery next! Thanks for being patient with me, xxx M


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