August 10, 2012

Julian's Nursery

Welcome to Julian's room. Let's start from the beginning. Remember this post? I had no idea what I was having, so I kept it sort of 'gender neutral'. But I wanted to experiment and didn't want to go with the obvious white/gray/green. So I went with navy walls. I had these walls painted 3 times before I felt like the right navy was achieved. In the end it was Farrow & Ball's Black Blue. I knew this was the color from the start but was so frightened by the 'black' of it, that I couldn't just pull the trigger. Lesson, trust your instincts. Don't be afraid. Take a risk. I finally did (and several hundred dollars worth of painters bills later), it's so dark and cozy. I love it, and so does Tim, and I'm pretty sure Julian does too when he sleeps 12 hrs a night! We have french doors in here, so in the day despite the dark walls it's really bright and sunny. Also, believe it or not, the dark walls really make this tiny room feel much bigger. 
Let's talk about the art. When I was about 10 wks pregnant I was at Laura Rathe Gallery shopping for a job. I came across this sculpture and completely fell head over heels in love. A few weeks later I was explaining all of the art in our house to the writer for my BHG article. Each piece signifies an important event in our life, engagement, wedding etc. So then I realized, we had to have this piece of art in our house celebrating our baby. It's by Tara Conley, she has others...and can commission any sentence you want.  The photograph above it was a gift I gave Tim for an anniversary. We didn't have a specific spot for in our house, and it seemed perfect in Julian's room. It's Christian Chaize, and I think I got it off of 20x200

Some other notes, the side tables on either side of the sofa are actually file cabinets that I had table skirts/glass tops made for. We have such little storage in our 100+ year old house, so I was trying to maximize every inch. The crib skirt is the sweetest seersucker you've ever seen. The bumpers and coverlet are this white diamond matelasse (and trim is seersucker ruffle). Sheets are Serena &; Lily. The bedding is all custom, and I plan on using it for all my future babies since it's aqua and white. The armoire and changing table/chest of drawers hold all of Julians clothes. The bamboo piece is an antique and I had the front glass replaced with mirror to a. hide mess and b. reflect light. Changing table was a piece I had in my storage (same with lamps/chandelier). The mirror above the changing table is a Louis Phillipe re-pro that I had made.The books are on Ikea picture ledges that are painted the wall color. Rug is an antique Persian. Let me know if you have any questions about where anything else came from. Over all I love his room because it's not too 'baby', and later on a little girl could quite happily live in here too!

Photography: Kate LeSueur


Alexis Walter Art said...

Hi Meg- Your baby is precious and your nursery is beautiful! This is my first time commenting, but I've been a reader for a while. So glad you're back!

swheat said...

So cute!! I love it!!!

Meg said...

Alexis! Thank you for reading! I've been stalking your pins lately! I love you art and hope to use it in a project soon :)

Thanks Sally!

Chedva said...

Julian is adorable and his nursery is gorgeous! Love the dark blue with tailored fabrics (and the rug is stunning). It's good to read a new post from you:)

Courtney said...

Love his room!! And I'm obsessed with his Lyle, Lyle stick gator (that is Lyle, right?) Julian's such a sweet baby and his room is perfect!

AmyHN said...

Love the nursery! Who did you get to do the mirror? I have been searching for a Phillipe forever.

Lauren @ The Semi-Designed Life said...

Meg! I'm so impressed! Such a precious nursery. And of course, I'm a huge fan of the Black Blue...glad you listened to your gut. It turned out goooorgeous!

Sara said...

Congrats!! He is adorable, and the room looks great, love the colors!

Jennifer said...

beautiful nursery and very handsome little guy! welcome back :)

Devon said...

Cutest baby EVER and you look fabulous after pregnancy. So impressed by the working mama gig--you have it down pat. And, that word Megs. It's absolutely, unbelievably gorgeous. You have the best eye!

By the way, is that your sister/Tim's sister in the photography credit? Such great photography!

Fran said...

Hi Meg: So happy you're back!! Your son's nursery blows me away. It's perfect in every way and detail!! I could look at it forever and your son is just too adorable!! Congratulations!

Meg said...

Wow! Thanks y'all! Too sweet!

@courtney - Tim picked that gator stick up at the wisteria warehouse in Dallas off the clearance shelf when I was pregnant, can't wait till he can 'ride' it!
@AmyHN - I can have a mirror made for you, one of my furniture makers does them for me, email me if you're interested! They cost about 1/2 the price of the antique ones, and look almost exactly like one!
@Devon - Yes! My sister Kate is a photographer, I'm super lucky! The reason why I took forever to get these up was because I wanted her to photograph the room, I didn't want to use my bad photos!

Lauren said...


Sweet Julian's nursery is gorgeous! I am so obsessed with your Tara Conley piece. Such a lovely sentiment to slumber under!

Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

this is FANTASTIC. im new around here and i couldnt love your style more after having known you forever :)

Meg said...

Thanks @Lauren! Miss you girl! Welcome Miss @Bethany !! Glad you stopped by :)

Candace said...

I absolutely love this! I've been trying to find examples of how old hardwood floors have been handled in a nursery, examples of antiques being incorporated into nursery design, and examples of dark wall colors! Way to put together everything I needed! Thank you so much. We have the same storage issues you mentioned: Where did you find someone to make glass tops & table skirts for the filing cabinets? I would love to steal that idea from you.

Emily said...

Meg, the nursery is lovely. You might have just talked me into some navy walls. My carpet folks are waiting on me to select my wall to wall seagrass. I just can't figure out which "weave" to go with. But love your seagrass so was wondering if you could share any details. I'm leaning towards a 2x1 weave (what is that called?) Where there are 2 pieces vertically with 1 piece woven in horizontally. What do you have? And do you have any manufacturer details? Thank you so much!

Meg said...

@ Candace - Thank you so much! Welcome! I had my drapery work room make the custom table skirts for the file cabinets and a local glass shop cut the tops.

@ Emily - I think mine is a 2x1, it's a pretty tight weave. I ordered it from a manufacturer who only sells to the trade, but most carpet shops here locally carry the same brand. Are you in Houston? if you have other questions you can email me - meg @ lesueur interiors . com

Anonymous said...

Hey Meg! I just found your blog TODAY! I think it is meant to be because your crib is what I have been envisioning for my own babe. Do you mind sharing where you got it? Thanks a bunch!

Kalle Thompson said...

I love your nursery! I am wanting a gold jenny lind for our nursery, too, and am wondering if you painted yours yourself? if so, any tips?


L. Madeley said...

I am also wondering about whether you painted the crib gold? Have not seen this color for sale retail. Beautiful nursery!

The Rhea Family said...

Love the nursery! What color is the crib painted? And did you do it yourself? I just bought a crib and want to paint it a gold. Many thanks!

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Alex Smith said...

It's perfect in every way and detail!! I could look at it forever and your son is just too adorable!!
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Lenka said...

I could look at it forever and your son is just too adorable!! Congratulations!
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M.A.D.E. by JP said...

Hi Meg, love the room! It is perfect and so is your son...congrats! I am trying to find a similar Persian rug (color and size) to the one in your son's room. Any suggestions on where to find one? Also, does Tara Conley sell her artwork online? Thanks!

Roberta said...

Great nursery! I love the colors. I am sharing this on Pinterest

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Anonymous said...

I know this is four year later, but can you comment on the fabrics in this nursery? The plaid pillow on the sofa, the draperies, and the fabric used for the crib bumper. Thanks! Lovely nursery!

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