September 9, 2012

House Beautiful October 2012

Check out my little quote : 


Exciting moment to see my photograph and name printed in one of my favorite mags. Pinching myself a little bit over here. I met Newell last year in Houston which was pretty fun. Love that Tony Sly pottery, so so so much. I feed Julian out of the little ramekins every night, they are perfect for his mini meals. I really need to add some Duck Egg to my collection next trip. 

In other news, I'm in London. Saw Damien Hirst at the Tate on Friday, going to see the Queens Diamonds at Buckingham tomorrow (a jubilee special that I missed in June)!

This piece, and the wallpaper translation just blew me away. 

Also on the agenda, flea marketing (can.not.resist.), fall shopping (duh), more Laduree macaroons (have eaten them almost everyday so far...really hard to resist when the shop is literally across the street from us - secret best flavor discovered by my mother-in-law, ROSE!), high tea at the Berkeley, letting Julian feed the ducks at St. James Park, lots of window shopping/drooling past Mulberry...this in particular, and of course trying to get through the 7 issues of Hello! that I'm behind on since last visit. 


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