About Meg Lonergan

Hi, I’m Meg Lonergan, nice to meet you, thanks for stopping by. Here are some things you should know about me...

I believe in the strength of family, and the gift friendship.

I believe in anything with a monogram.

I believe in saying yes ma’am and writing thank you notes.

I believe in boiled crawfish, live oaks and the deep roots of Louisiana.

I believe an afternoon toddy is best enjoyed on a front porch swing.

I believe anything French is better.

I believe in our ancestors, their stories, and where we come from.

I believe in floor to ceiling bookshelves chock-a-block filled with stories.

I believe in globe-trotting and city-hopping.

I believe New Zealand, India and Bali are never too far away.

I believe in ikat, batik, silk saris, embroidery and a nice heavy linen.

I believe Chinese Blue & White is never wrong.

I believe in Persian Heritz’s, Turkish Oushak’s, and Caucasian Karabagh’s.

I believe in tomato red, olive green, navy blue, turquoise, mustard yellow and eggplant.

I believe in high heels and pearls.

I believe in my style deities: Kate Moss, Tom Ford, Windsor Smith, Sienna Miller, Tory Burch and India

I believe white walls are the best canvas.

I believe in old homes, old churches and old brick.

I believe in interior design, architecture, art, furniture and curiosities.

I believe home is where the heart is.

xxx Meg

For more information about my design work please stop by www.lesueurinteriors.com


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